Impact of the lockdown on children’s mental health and how cooking classes can help.


According to research, almost 1 in 4 children living with lockdown conditions, social restrictions, and school closures are dealing with feelings of anxiety with many at risk of psychological distress including depression. In recent surveys by “Save the Children”, up to 65% of the children struggled with boredom and feelings of isolation which can lead to a higher number of mental health conditions in children.



As the lockdowns ease off with protective measures in place, it is important to gradually take care of your child’s mental health. Ensure you are getting counselling for your child if necessary and also have them participate in other activities like cooking or baking. You may be wondering, what does Nini’s Cooking Class have to do with children’s mental health?


Cooking or baking is a common cure for stress or when one is feeling down. There is actually a science as to why small creative tasks tend to make people feel better. Psychology has it that a little creativity each day can go a long way towards happiness and satisfaction during social isolation and even in the bustle of daily life.


Our weekly programs at Nini’s Cooking Class create a safe outlet where children can engage in fun meaningful activities, feel productive, build skills and confidence all while indirectly taking care of their mental health as a way to destress.


After a long period of lockdown, cooking and baking is a great activity for your child’s mental health because cooking is an act of mindfulness, patience, communication, and an outlet for creative expression. In addition to feeling happier, people who worked on little creative projects every day also felt they were “flourishing”. In our program this could be the amazing feeling that comes with making a fresh plate of food from scratch, or pulling a freshly-baked pastry out of the oven. The majority of the time this feeling carries over to the next day and sometimes for weeks making the mini cook or mini baker keep on with their little acts of creative cooking.


It is with pleasure to inform you that we are now open again to serve children in Calgary.