Why do I need to eat healthy? Why does everyone keep bothering me to be mindful of what I eat?

More often than not, there is a purpose for choosing to eat healthy. Here, we’ll provide some of the rationales behind the need to be conscious of what we eat. Eating healthy means we should avoid foods high in sugar and salt. A healthy plate should include a variety of colourful fruits and vegetables in large quantities and some grains, minimal starch, good fats and lean proteins. Oops! don’t forget – portion control should be taken into consideration.

Everyone keeps talking about eating healthy, eating clean, being mindful of what we are eating… But why do I need to pay attention to what I eat everyday?
  • To take care of your heart health and prevent having a stroke
  • To teach or be a model for the next generation
  • To better manage your weight
  • To develop strong bones and teeth
  • To improve your mood or mental health
  • To have great memory
  • To have a good night sleep
  • To age gracefully
  • To have beautiful skin
  • To improve your gut health…

I know it could be hard to do what is right and good for us…How about introducing a vibrant bowl of salad to your meals at least twice a week and build on that week after week till it becomes a habit. Can you do that? You can start with a Garden saladYou can have it as an appetizer, main course or dessert salads. Don’t be too hard on yourself just play around with your food and enjoy it.


One thing we absolutely love about salads at Nini’s Cooking Class is how colourful, crispy, and refreshing they are. It’s as good as it taste.