General Questions

For our weekly classes the address is 59 Evansborough Cres NW Calgary, AB and for our camps we use the Dalhousie Community Centre located at 5432 Dalhart Rd NW, Calgary,AB T3A 1V6.

We are very children focused because we are passionate about building the next generation of leaders but due to demand we also offer adult classes.

 Yes, we do. Weekly group classes takes place at our location or your location if you have a large group. We will have to inspect your location prior to start date to ensure it is suitable.

Yes, all prepping and cooking is done by kids under the supervision of the chefs and counsellors.

Yes, you will. Please let us know if you prefer this emailed to you or texted to you.

Absolutely! That’s the best part of the day because you can sit to enjoy what you made or take it home?

We have a maximum of 20 students, so be sure to register now to secure a spot for your child.

We have 4 staff and 2 volunteers.

We can accommodate food allergies and can make modifications when given advance notice. 

Yes, we offer group classes for special needs kiddos, teenagers, and adults. We ask that you let us know via email the number of people for the class and the duration of class.

Yes, we provide chef coats, hats, and aprons for use in class.

Your lovely smile, closed toed indoor shoes, a water bottle, a small plate for take away should you have left overs and your hair tied to the back. You can invite a friend to join you ( your friend will be required to pay for class).

We teach global meals because we appreciate diversity. We are not limited to one nationality. From Asian to American, African, European, and Caribbean meals.

No, the children work with other students within the same age range. To have a bonding time with your child, please check out our private cooking class or call for a special rate.

Check out our website for whats cooking based on your  program of choice.

Cash, Cheques, Etransfer, and all Major Credit Cards. We prefer all purchases made online.

We require payment to be made in full to secure your date for the camp, party or weekly classes.

. Lunch and snacks at camp

. All recipes used in the program and kitchen tools

. Chef uniform, apron, hat, and cut-free gloves

No, but you can bring yours to decorate.

Usually we recommend 2 or more weeks in advance. 

No, we do not provide this service.

We offer before care from 8:00am to 9:00am and After care from 4:00pm to 5:30pm. This payment will be made via interac transfer and an email with the name of the child on the subject line of the email stating before and after care requested and time of pick up. Additional charges of $15 apply to campers not picked up by 5:30pm.

Birthday Parties

$40.00 per guest up to 10 guest including the celebrant. If you do not have up to 10 guest the basic price is still $400. Additional guests after 10 is $25 each.

There is no maximum number of kids. This really depends on the space you are using. You will need to let us know the number of children for the party and we will let you know if our space is ideal. If our space is not sufficient we can use your space or rental space!

We can accommodate up to 15 kids for a birthday party at my space and up to 30 or more kids at your rented space.

We have minimal space at my place for all parents but if it is at a huge rental space there will be lots of room for all parents to seat and have a drink while the kids are having their party.

Yes, for an extra charge we can provide a variety of both savoury and sweet food platters for the adults while kids are enjoying their cooking party.  Please email us to advise this will be served during the birthday if there is sufficient space for the parents. You are also welcome to provide the adults food yourself if you prefer.

Yes, If you are renting a huge rental space. For our space it is just sufficient for the children alone at this time.

Friday (Day time could be available by phone sometimes- need to email or call to confirm): 6:00-7:30 pm

Saturday: 10:00-11:30, 12:00-1:30, 2:00-3:30, and 4:00-5:30 pm

Sunday: 1:00-2:30, and 3:00-4:30

Weekdays: Need to confirm 

Yes, you can if they are all about the same age range. We usually recommend kids are about the same age range so as to benefit from group activities.

Yes, we provide above except they are specific themes requested by parents. From our experience with specific themes for the cake plates and napkins, we have found it is better to leave this to the parents. However, we will be more than happy to help if you send in the decorations for a fee.

Yes, with our program or if you are looking to learn something specific we can set up a private couples class or buddy class for you. We can work with you to create your own class too!

Yes, you can. You can also order a birthday cake from us. If you order a cake from us this will be set up with other items for the cooking or baking class party.

Absolutely! You can during the hours you have booked the party. Feel free to decorate it however you like prior to start of the party!

You can show up as early as 1-2 hours if we do not have a class or party prior to your party if you are using our location. Having said this, every situation is different and depends on how elaborate you want to decorate. Should you need to arrive 1-2 hours to decorate before your party time please call (403) 966-3604 to inquire if you are decorating our space or call the property manager of the hall you are renting.

No, But if you feel we did a good work with your kids or exceeded your expectations , gratuity will be greatly appreciated. Gratuity can be paid in cash, or etransfered. 

We have free street parking at my place. If it is at the community centre or a church that we are renting, usually the parking lot is used and payment is not required.

All registrations and payment are done online. As this will enable us prepare for the class accordingly, and receipts are sent to you.

Yes, this can be emailed to you upon request or sent via text to you (let us know your preference).

Yes, this is required. This will enable us plan for the number of children attending the party.

Usually we recommend 2-3 weeks in advance to ensure you have your preferred date and time blocked as we are always booked.

Yes, if there is time. If we do not have time during the party for you to open gifts and depending on the rental space, the reception area of the rental space can be used to open gifts.

Cash, Cheques, Etransfer, and all Major Credit Cards

We require payment to be made in full to secure your date for the party.

Yes, we have Cooking Favours containing a spatula or baking brush, measuring cups, spoons or tongs and a recipe card for $5.00 each. We also have paper Chef hats available for $2.00 each.

We are following the most up to date guidelines provided by Alberta Health Services and Government of Alberta. Please call us with any questions you may have.

Private/Corporate Events

Yes, we do. Please let us know 3 weeks in advance when your event is coming up as well as the number of people for the event via email as our calendar is always booked.

No, but  a dollar minimum of $800.00 is required. So if your per person cost doesn’t add up to $800, you would just pay the base price of $800.

Baby showers, bridal showers, wedding showers, holiday parties, couples dinner parties, adult birthday celebrations. Email us for details with your request. Please note that we do not provide drinks.

Baby showers, bridal showers, wedding showers, holiday parties, couples dinner parties, adult birthday celebrations. Email us for details with your request. Please note that we do not provide drinks.

2.5 hours to 3 hours depending on the meal

Cancelling and not rescheduling your event within one week will result in non-refundable charge of full amount due.

We ask that you have a vendor provide you with drinks as this is not our area of specialization.

No, you do not have to. Please let us know the number of guest and the type of glasses you need and we will provide them for you and your guests. 

Absolutely! Call us at (403) 966-3604 to plan your party. Additionally, after you have booked your event, Our Party Planner will call you to discuss the details of the event and to meet you!

This depends on the rental location you are using.