private cooking classes

Outside the Box Events

Are you thinking of hosting your own event? We’ve got you covered. We teach diverse meals and appetizers. Send us an email and we’ll build something just right for your group.

How about celebrating your birthday, having some bonding time, Girls Night out, male/female outings, bridal showers with friends, team building events, etc while learning from one another, mingling, and most of all enjoying your meals after? Whether your friends are male or female cooking together is a great way to celebrate!

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Celebrate Your Next Event with Nini!

Besides learning how to make delicious foods, you will build relationships, de-stress (cooking is therapeutic) learn knife techniques, cooking smart, blending flavours and some special kitchen secrets too. We invite you to perfect your cooking skills and set the table for some fabulous meals at your home soon.

How about just wanting to hang out with special friends or someone dear to your heart? Food is always a good conversation started and together you can bond and learn from one another as you travel the world in the kitchen.

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Get Cooking Today!

Learn how to make fabulous mouthwatering cuisine. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or seasoned cook, we have you covered. Nini’s Cooking Class is loaded with useful, functional hands on training that will allow students to quickly and easily create delicious meals.

We have tons of delicacies and desserts for you. Join us as we tour the world in the kitchen week after week. You can be sure there will be no more long faces as you say good bye to boring and tasteless meals and welcome spicing up your meal time with diversity- the recipes are endless. It’s time to bring out your inner Chef and impress your family, colleagues, and friends with your cookery skills.

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